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Facial Waxing Services in Christiansburg, VA

While some methods of hair removal, like shaving, can require daily maintenance and yield less than desireable results, Ultimate Touch Hair Salon’s facial waxing services provide smooth, hairless skin for weeks. In fact, the more you wax, the less hair that will grow back!

Facial Waxing

Facial Waxing Services at Ultimate Touch Hair Salon

• Eyebrow
• Lip
• Chin
• Sideburns

Advantages of Waxing Over Other Methods

There are numerous advantages of waxing over other methods of hair removal. Instead of stubbly, uncomfortable, and unflattering facial hair, allow our licensed stylists to remove unwanted hair with precision and skill to provide you with the perfect finish. Using the finest products and techniques, our salon technicians will give you the look you want, and help you avoid any DIY disasters!

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