Beautiful Results

Haircuts, Straightening and Perms
at Ultimate Touch Hair Salon

Cuts, Straighteners and Perms

Ultimate Touch Hair Salon offers a wide range of professional haircuts for men, women and children of all ages.

Our talented stylists offer a wide variety of stylish choices for all our customers, to keep you well groomed and looking your best.

Woman getting her hair cut

Types of Haircuts

We offer classic, scissor, layer, and fade haircuts, all of which require extreme attention to detail, which we provide proudly. For long or short, thick or thin, curly or straight hair, visit Ultimate Touch Hair Salon to achieve the best hair care in the area!

Women’s Cuts • Men’s Cuts • Children’s Cuts • Bang Trims • Neck Trims

Perms & Straightening

At-home and boxed perm and straightening kits are more damaging than you think, and can result in disaster! Let the professionals at Ultimate Touch Hair Salon handle it to leave your hair as healthy and beautiful looking as possible! Whether you’re looking to turn straight hair into curly hair, or relax curly hair into straightened hair, Ultimate Touch Hair Salon can provide you with the best results every time.

Professional Blowdry

Using equipment and products of the highest quality, stylists at Ultimate Touch Hair Salon employ the best techniques to provide the best professional blowout possible. Your hair is sure to look smooth, shiny, and healthy for days!

Hair Extensions

Using only the highest quality materials, the certified stylists at Ultimate Touch Hair Salon are able to add as much volume, length, and body to your existing hair as you desire! We have lengths, colors, and styles made for every type of hair. If you’re looking to spruce up your look by adding a touch of volume, or changing your look altogether with drastic lengths, Ultimate Touch is the salon for you!